Saturday, June 16, 2012

My 'cheap' obsession

I have 51 nail polishes and 23 image stamping plates. My friends think I have a problem. You may think that it's not enough (and I'd agree with you, but don't tell them!). I argue this is a cheap obsession. Lets see, how much money do you think I have spent on it? How much money spends a shoe-obsessed woman? Correct. This is a cheap obsession!

I would love to have a nail polish wall rack! Yes, I know I can do one by myself, but I want a nicer one. I want one made of acrylic and they are kind of expensive (...or I'm stingy). Whatever the case, here is how I keep an eye on my nail polish colors:

I got these nail art display wheels from Amazon. I paid only 1 dollar each, shipping included.

- You can display 20 different colors per wheel (you can also practice with them)
- You can take them with you to the store in case you don't remember which colors you have (although they look darker when dried, you know that)
- You can try the colors on before painting your nails (these tips are much larger than my nails, but it still works)

- You cannot re-organize the colors (and I am not sure how easy is to eliminate a color once painted)
- It does not decorate your bedroom (I am actually thinking in hanging them, but I am not sure about my husband's opinion, ha)

Hope this to be useful.


- Cony


  1. Very pretty colors !! My sister is going to love this :) She is obsessed with nail art too !!

    1. Gracias a san traductor pude entender varias palabras OMG que estás engringada hija mía, me encantan casi todos los colores =)