Friday, July 13, 2012

I visited the Street Fair Cosmetics in NYC

It may have been my fault, but when I read about the Street Fair Cosmetics I though it was only about cosmetics. Whatever. Also, they didn't answer at what time was the fair when I asked. Whatever. Well, I happened to be in New York City this past Saturday so I got some nail polishes.

In this fair people was selling all kind of stuff -sunglasses, earrings, hats, clothes, food, drinks,... and cosmetics. There were only two spots selling cosmetics. I was disappointed. I was also disappointed because they had few nail polish colors and they were old, sticky, exposed to the sun, separated in two layers, ...eww! I only bought, Maybelline, L'oréal and Essie and for a good price, yay!

These are the nail polishes that I bought:

Grand in Green By Maybelline $3

Owl's Night By L'oréal $3

 Amazon's Flash By L'oréal $3

Angora Cardi By Essie 3 for $10

No name? :( By Essie 3 for $10

No name? :( By Essie 3 for $10

Little Brown Dress By Essie 3 for $10

Golden Nuggets By Essie 3 for $10

No name? :( By Essie 3 for $10

plus... Trick-or-Treat By Art Stuff $1

In conclusion, I would recommend this fair, but don't attend too exited about it.