Sunday, September 30, 2012

My 'cheap' obsession --Update

Hi there, this is an update of my "My cheap obsession" post. Specifically about how I storage my nail polishes. Few days ago my blogmate Camila found this video, now I have my nail polishes nicely organized and I can easily see all my 69 colors!

I bought an over the door shoe organizer from Amazon for 15 dollars. It has 28 pockets: 24 large and 4 small. I decided to organize my nail polishes according to their color and finishing type. I made 8 color categories: reds, pinks, oranges/yellows, greens, blues, purples, browns and whites/grays/blacks (I also keep 8 display wheels with the same colors); and 3 finishing type categories: matte, metallic and glitter. This way 8 x 3 is 24, and I fit them in the large pockets. I used the small pockets for the display wheels.

This shoe organizer is made out of clear vinyl, which is great to see your colors. However, when I looked at the Amazon's picture I though it had white background but it does not. My door is brown, so I put white paper on the back to make it white, that way I can see better the colors. You can get the same product or a different one, since it comes in different colors.

As for my 23 image stamping plates, I storage them in a photo album. It makes it pretty easy to search for the stamp you want.

I hope you enjoy these ideas.


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