Saturday, August 4, 2012

I made a mess

I wanted to emulate the new caviar manicure. I went to a Michaels store looking for those tiny beads. I couldn't find them. But I found tons of glitter, tinsel glitter and embossing powder. Even though it is not intended for nail application, I ended up embossing my fingernails and I am here to tell you my experience.

I did not called this post "I made a mess" with no reason. There is stuff to improve before you try it.

Let's see. I started with a layer of a blue nail polish from Essie (sorry, I don't have the color name). Then, I applied the glacier opaque embossing powder from Recollections over a second layer of nail polish before it dried using a spoon. repeated this with all my fingernails.

When I was done with it, I had embossing powder everywhere and it kept falling off of my nails. So I applied a layer of top coat to keep it in place. Bad effect! The nice embossing effect was gone.

Even worse, the next morning I had lost whole pieces from my right hand. I am not sure why this happened only in one hand. I did the same process on both.

*If you are thinking in the disaster on my pinky... well, I always do it this way. All that nail polish on my skin will go out after I take a shower. Shh, don't tell anyone my secret.

Things to improve?

1. Instead of using a different background color, use the same to get less of this messy appearance.

2. Instead of applying a mountain of embossing powder (left), you can try to sprinkle powder to get a... 'galaxy' effect (right).

3. Instead of applying dry powder, you could mix it with nail polish before applying. Not sure how this would work. Let me know if you try it!

OK. It's time to remove the mess and try something different.


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